Monday, January 4, 2010

ANGELS EXACT THEIR REVENGE... signing former Mariner standout Adrian Beltre -- you read it here first!

A stainless steel athletic supporter may be part of the deal.
After Seattle stole the LA Angels of Anaheim's key drink-stirrer Chone Figgins, the typically well-heeled Angels stayed stunned for a full month. While owner Arte Moreno made talk about watching the numbers and being firm on a budget, having Vlad, Lackey and Figgins off the books has freed up some cash. Although they spent some of that to retain Abreu and went wild for wild-man Rodney (with a wacked out signing), LA remains the only true SoCal club willing to push for a championship.
What they truly need is someone to take Gary Matthews lucrative salary off their books, but not even the KC Royals, who will likely help Atlanta out in a few weeks by offering something decent for hole-filler Melky Cabrera, would fall for that. Or would they?

Alas, Beltre will be an Angel and Brandon Wood's term may come to an end. Rumour also has it that, should the Angels get a place to pack Matthews to, they'd be willing to ship Wood to Cincinnati for Aaron Harang and parts.

The Orioles, meanwhile, may be dipping into the ex-Mariners bin and take a chance on Branyan.

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